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Monday, March 18, 2013


You'd be surprised to find out that adding a few extra things to your diet can make such a huge difference. Adding organic peppermint tea to your daily routine will lower your chances of getting a cold because of all its amazing vitemins. Peppermint is also excellent of helping to treating a cold too. The methol and carvone in peppermint make it an excellent decongestant; just inhaling the vapors of peppermint tea will help clear your nasal cavaties. Garlic and onions have great use of an anti-inflammatory and help keep your digestion system healthy and clear. Echinacea has many many uses and helping to prevent the common cold is one. This amazing herb help boost your immune system so if you do get sick you can fight it off fast. If you have allergies you'll be happy to find out that eating watercress is very helpful with allergy symptoms and tastes great with spinach and some lime and salt. A tea recipe I find very tasty and had keep my immune system strong is peppermint, dried orange peel, echinacea, raspberry leaf and juniper berries. The raspberry leaf and juniper berries also help with regulating period and increasing female fertility. The juniper berries are also more effected in treating urinary tract infections. Gluten and sugars should be avoided along with caffine as these are harmful to your immune systems and makes the healing process slower.

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